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D. Trent Kelly is a guitarist, composer, arranger, song writer, sound engineer, 3d Artist from America.


D. Trent Kelly is a native of Durham North Carolina. Since the early age of 9 years old, he was interested in music, electronics and martial arts. Being that his mother (Lillie Kelly) was an accomplished Opera and Spiritual singer (Brooklyn New York), it was only natural for the talent to spread in his direction. The only difference is, the talent went to his fingers.

Darrell graduated from North Carolina Central University with a degree in music,performance and education. During that time he was fortunate to study under Donald Byrd (legendary jazz trumpeter and music producer) as well as Ricky Boone (guitarist for Joe Simon) and many others. Now Darrell has gone thousands of miles away from his home land to explore new musical ventures in Asia. He has played with other established artist such as Chris De'Burgh, Sherri Winston, Stanley Baird, Arron Mills (bassist for Cameo), Shirley Caesar and others. He is presently doing music production in Asia (mainly Thailand).

He has produced and arrange for Popular Thai artist such as Tata Young (Sony Music),Bird Thongchai McIntyre(Grammy), Mai Charoenpura (Grammy), Nicole Theriault (Grammy), John Rattanaveroj (Grammy) and others. He also has written international commercials for ESSO, Toyota, Head And Shoulders, Suzuki and more. Darrell enjoys his work and continues to advance in the ever changing market of music and multimedia...and the story continues.....


BOP City Music Productions

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